Every now and then, a band comes along that restores your faith in the art of musical creation. With certain bands lacking a creative drive for excellence, it’s easy to get jaded as a music listener and feel that there isn’t much left out there to listen to and that everything has been done. So while going in with no expectations with regards to listening to the fourth EP from Excellion, I left myself open to experience no disappointment if the end result wasn’t to my liking. But after listening over and over to this release, I experienced the complete opposite and I’m overjoyed to relate to you, the reader, that this is one of the best releases I’ve come across in 2016 so far.

A truly accessible prog sound with variety of subgenres in the mix is the best way to describe Excellion. Each of the five songs on “Unsean" are designed to let the music flow without expectations of time constraints. And although the sound is consistent and varied, each song is strong enough to stand on it’s own.

Unsean pt. I - In Search of Infinity” starts out with a light bass thumping with accented guitar work, then melds into a riff-laden atmosphere. Based on the first minute I would swear that what we have hear is another one of the post-black metal releases, but the guitar proves me wrong. It doesn't take too long to set the course towards more of groove-oriented sound. The vocals were a bit surprising considering what’s going on instrumentally, but it works.  There’s lovely progressive energy coming at you in droves with the musical pace seamlessly switching between fevered and all-encompassing. Vocals also switch to a harsh approach, which shows a nice contrast to the clean vocalization.

Unlucky Charms” and its double-bass drums propel a fervent and upbeat start to the track, throwing in emotive guitar solos for good measure. “The Courier” starts out very in your face. I love the interplay between the guitar and the rest of the line-up in this particular song as it gives out a great electricity and radiance. “Diablo Jr.” features a nice syncopation between the guitar and drums.

Unsean pt. II - The Heart of the Sapphire” finishes out the album in glorious fashion, taking the progressive rock approach. The band shows the other, mellower side of their persona, leaving the listener with what must amount to an unreal level of satisfaction with a perfect climax and denouement to “Unsean.”

I love how you can’t tell where the band is going next in their sound. It just develops very organically. There’s no pressure to throw everything at the wall and make it stick. The band instead opt to let the sound build expansively, yet at the same time remaining grounded. There’s no need to show off with instrumental theatrics here, and it leaves me wanting more out of every song, but not in a disappointing way at all. It just makes me not want it to end.

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Review: Excellion – Unsean

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