Flicker Away

Up and coming progressive/death metal outfit Koronal from Poland have recently celebrated the release of their debut album Flicker Away, and what a treat it has proven to be. The seven-track release is the ideal opportunity for the band to showcase their abilities and expand their following.

This being officially their first release, it would seem only fitting for this band to dive headfirst into the challenge. On this front, Koronal have certainly not disappointed. The opening song “Scarred Protector” is a great demonstration of this; not ten seconds in and the listener is presented with the first of many crushing riffs on the record, transitioning into a an aggressive section boasting impressive riffs and growls. The guitar work throughout the album is fantastic, and really shows off the heights of the band’s abilities. With a well-balanced combination of vocals, this first song is able to provide a lot of diversity. This impression echoes throughout the remaining six songs, with each one feeling very well-rounded and complete; it is also noteworthy that none of the six six contain any interludes or unecessary fillers; something that is becoming increasingly rare today.

This record can be interpreted as no less than a stellar first attempt from an extremely new band in the scene. It can be instantly noted that they’ve taken a brave and rare approach of putting out an album with no feeling of fatigue and force, and have produced seven songs, each feeling full and complete. Melody, brutality, and technicality constantly shine throughout in great balance, with increasingly epic riffs and solos, complicated drum patterns, and soaring choruses comparable to that of Meshuggah. For a virtually amateur band this can be easily overlooked. It is safe to say that the majority of Flicker Away acts as a testimony to what Koronal are truly capable of.

Review: Koronal – Flicker Away

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