Hot off the press, Justify & Reason is the second full-length studio album by the English Progressive Metal band Synaptik. The album, which follows up the 2014 The Mechanisms of Consequence, sees a sort of re-imagining of the band. The album feels as a sort of musical blue-print for all the upcoming Synaptik releases and is quite different sounding to the predecessor. It has to be mentioned that the record also includes three songs that originally appear on the Mechanisms of Consequence album, so overall there are five new songs on the 2017 record.

Justify & Reason kicks off with “The Incredible Machine,” a groovy ‘90s metal rocker which forms the essence of the album. Singer John Knight’s performances on the album are inspired and you can’t help but smile at some of his deliveries in tracks like “Human (Inhuman)” and especially Prog Metal oriented “Esc Ctrl.” The guitar solos are melodic and enjoyable and solid weighty drumming from Pete Loades perfectly suits the band’s direction here.

Overall; this is a superb record and fans of powerful Progressive / Heavy Metal should check it out. Justify & Reason is an absolutely rock-solid collection of well-written and fundamentally enjoyable music, and it grows on you really well with repeat listens.

Buy the album here.

Review: Synaptik – Justify & Reason

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