Unprocessed is a German metal band hailing from Wiesbaden, Germany. The group started earlier in 2013, when guitarist Manuel joined forces with drummer Jan. It took a few trials and errors along the way, but the line-up of the band finally became adjusted, so the band could start focusing on refining their particular blend of sound. The band’s recently released studio effort, Perception, is the group’s first work since 2014’s In Concretion.

These new songs showcase an impressive degree of growth, as the band put a lot of attention and energy into crafting sophisticated arrangements with clever sonic ideas and world-class musical execution to back it all up.

The songs on this release blur the lines between various subgenera in the world of dark and heavy music: from Djent to progressive metal, to industrial and dark ambient. The result is a diverse, unpredictable and dynamic brand of sound that brings the songs to some impressive depths. Creative writing, intelligent arrangements, passionate executions and stellar production. What else can you ask?

Listen over at Bandcamp.

Review: Unprocessed – Perception

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